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CONFRÉRIE de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
Bailliage du Sultanat d'Oman

History of Chaîne dinners in Oman

01 - May 2010, Opera dinner in the Al Bustan Palace auditorium02 - May 2010, Opera singer in the Al Bustan Palace auditorium
The very first Chaîne dinner in Oman was organized on 14 November 2009, at  the Grand Hyatt Muscat. As some 50 new members joined the International  Chaîne, the first dinner was also a “Chapitre”, an event preceded by an induction  ceremony for new members. The officiating officer seconded from the Conseil  Magistral in Paris was Günter Albert, Bailli Délégué of Monaco, supported by Dr.  Albert Hankenne, Bailli Délégué of Belgium, also a member of the Conseil  Magistral.

In the following year, three very memorable dinners were organized. The first, at the InterContinental Muscat in March 2010 saw the Señor Pico room transformed into a jungle hunting area complete with leaves on the ground and the menu inscribed on cut-out toy rifles.  This was followed by a dinner on the stage of the Auditorium of the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in May 2010 while an opera recital was taking place among the rows of seats in the auditorium. Finally, the Tuscany restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Muscat hosted the Chaîne in October 2010.

A second Chapitre took place at the Shangri-La Barr al Jissah in January 2011 where a further 38 new members were inducted. This formed the basis for a regular program of dinners in the following years, generally some seven to eight dinners each year, each dinner attended by some 40 members and guests.
03 - January 2011, Shangri-La, inductees